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Warranty Claim

Thank you for shopping at operated by Red Springs Sdn Bhd. The following terms & conditions are applicable for any products that are purchased with our company.



  1. You are entitled to replace your products if the product has lost its intended functions due to manufacturing defects only and within the permitted Warranty period for each product category.
  2. The starting date of the warranty is from the date on which You received the Goods or when the Goods are installed onto your vehicle by our authorised dealers. Warranty may be void should the Goods are installed by non authorised dealers / workshops / individuals.
  3. Warranty coverage period for different range of products please refer to #APPENDIX 1 & #APPENDIX 2 table.
  4. No extra changes will be incurred for the Warranty Claim process should the products are found to have manufacturing defects only within warranty period. Warranty covers only on products sold by our company and do not cover other products that are not sold by our company.
  5. Warranty does not cover the products’ external visual or surface damage caused by normal wear and tear of products caused by installation by authorised dealers or from daily use of products.
  6. Goods under the below conditions shall void the warranty of products:
    1. Faulty goods found to have been used in conditions that have exceeded the products’ design specification; used in any competitive events ie. racing or such similar events; experimental purpose; used beyond the products’ intended use under normal daily driving conditions.
    2. Products found to have not been purchased either directly from our company or not purchased directly from our authorised re-sellers or dealers.
    3. If the vehicle’s ownership have been changed to a new owner, products’ warranty cannot be transferred to the subsequent new owner(s) of the vehicle.


    No.         Product Category         Series Code         Brand         3 Months         6 Months    
    1         Front Steel Bumper         RS-AM103         HAMER         
    2         RS-AM104
    3         RS-AM105
    4         RS-AM106
5 RS-AM109 HAMER  
6 Front Nudge Bar RS-AM102 HAMER  
7 Rear Steel Bumper RS-MX201 HAMER  
8 RS-MX202 HAMER  
9 RS-MX203 HAMER  
10 RS-MX204 HAMER  
11 RS-MX206 HAMER  
12 RS-MX207 HAMER  
13 RS-MX208 HAMER  
14 Sprot Roll Bar RS-HR1601L HAMER  
15 RS-HR1602 HAMER  
16 RS-HR1701 HAMER  
17 RS-HR1801 HAMER  
18 RS-HR1901 HAMER  
19 RS-HR1902 HAMER  
20 Side Step RS-SM102 HAMER  
21 RS-SM103 HAMER  
22 Roof Rack RS-HR120 HAMER  
23 RS-HR121 HAMER  
24 RS-HR151 HAMER  
25 RS-HR152 HAMER  
26 RS-HR154 HAMER  
27 Skid Plate RS-SKD HAMER  
30 Tyre Rack RS-HR130 HAMER  
31 Others Accessories - HAMER  


No. Product Category / Series Part Name Brand 1 year / 20k km 2Year / 40k km 3 Years / 60k km 4 Years / 70k km
1 RS-HDT4 Absorber, Front RS      
2 Absorber, Rear RS      
3 RS-GT46 Absorber, Front RS      
4 Absorber, Rear RS      
5 RS-PRO60 Absorber, Front RS      
6 Absorber, Rear RS      
7 RS-PRO2.0 Absorber, Front RS      
8 Absorber, Rear RS      
9 RS-Comfort Leaf Springs Leaf Spring RS      
10 RS-Extended Upper Control Arm Upper Control Arm RS      
11 RS-Add_On_Leaf Kit Leaf Spring RS      
12 RS-Extreme Kit PU Bushing RS      
13 Greaseable Shackle Kit RS      
14 RS-Raised Height Coil Spring Coil Springs (Lifted Height) RS      
15 RS-Comfort Coil Springs Coil Springs (OEM Height) RS      


  1. All suspension products “Rubber or Rubber-bonded metal” bushings are subjected to 1 year / 20k km warranty, whichever comes first.
  2. Surface coating damage or surface rust due to normal wear & tear are not covered.



If you have any further questions about our Warranty Claim & Exchange Policy, please contact us via email: