The RS-HDT4 Comfort Series are packaged with heavy duty suspension components & fitting kits.


  1. 4 x Steps Adjustable TWINTUBE strong body construction front & rear shock absorbers for enhanced performance.
  2. Firm & Comfort Rear leaf springs made from premium quality spring steel materials.
  3. High tensile full-body diameter suspension u-bolts & other fitting kits based on off-road specification.

We provide 1 year or 20,000km (whichever comes first) limited warranty for our RS-HDT4 Comfort series. Please refer to our Warranty Policy for more details on product warranties.





RS-HDT4 Comfort Series front & rear shock absorbers are designed & tuned to achieved improved vehicle damping control and superior balanced vehicle ride handling when used in both off-road & highway cruising conditions. The strong TWINTUBE shock body construction will prevent negative impact on the inner main shock cylinder which houses the precise piston to ensure shock's damping will not be affected even if the outer cylinder wall body is hit & dented caused by impact of foreign objects such as rocks & stones during off-road applications.

Product Special Design & Features:

  1. +2” vehicle ride height.
  2. Superior Firm & Ride Comfort.
  3. Superior damping control.
  4. Easy 4 x steps damping control to suit any driver's ride preference.
  5. Designed to match with OEM coil spring to achieve superior comfort.

The RS-HDT4 Comfort Series can either match with "OEM coil springs or Upgraded to higher load rating Coil Springs". Upgrade to higher load rating front coil springs is only recommended if vehicle is to fit additional load accessories such as: front steel bumpers & winches; otherwise, OEM coil spring should be used to maintain vehicle's ride comfort.








RS-HDT4 Comfort Series suspension kit rear leaf springs are custom designed with multi-stage helper leaf with custom built-in & set-up special features. These special design features will eliminate uncomfortable harsh and bumpy ride commonly associated with leaf sprung suspension 4x4 pick-up vehicles.

Product Special Design & Features:

  1. “Firm Handling & Comfort Ride” when used in both off-road & highway cruising conditions.
  2. Improved ride comfort throughout all stages of rear cargo payload.
  3. Heavy duty design for higher rear cargo carrying payload capacity.
  4. +2" vehicle ride height if upgraded to +2" Hi-Lift suspension kits design
  5. Firmer handling dynamics for more sporty ride feeling.
  6. Few load rating variants specification options can be selected depending on your vehicle's rear body accessories set-up conditions to achieve desired lifted height at kerb load conditions.


RS-HDT4 Comfort  Series rear leaf springs can be customised to have different load rating variants depending on your vehicle's body accessories set-up conditions, and we also have SPEC RANGE Selections: EXTREME or COMFORT fitting kits to suit your driving style.

By choosing the correct leaf spring variant will ensure vehicle's ride height will be maintained as per desired lift height at kerb load conditions.

To view the available variants or buy our RS-HDT4 Comfort  Series suspension kits, please click here.  


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